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Human Suffering

Illustration, Children's Storybook,

designed with Adobe Illustrator

Folktales are stories that originated orally and are passed on from one generation to the next. Such narratives are the central building blocks of societies and often representative of cultural and historical roots. However, it has been speculated that over 3000 living languages will cease to be spoken by the end of this century, thus endangering this traditional oral form of storytelling.

This impending catastrophe presents an urgent need for the documentation of oral folklore before it disappears forever.

As part of my NTU URECA Research Program, in collaboration with various Professors,

I illustrated a children storybook to tell the story of 'Human Suffering' unique to

the Yimkhiung tribe, situated in Eastern Nagaland. All in hopes of recording linguistic traditions that are dependent upon oral-only intergenerational transmission and introducing reading and writing to an oral focused community, potentially developing pedagogy in schools.

Featuring a few spreads from the book:

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