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In Tune With Nature

Web Game,

built with Unity

In Tune With Nature is a web experience made for the National Gallery Singapore as part of their key Children’s Biennale program. In line with their theme of the year- Respect, this game challenges players to find balance, harmony and moderation in the environment. Stickers, inspired from animals featured in the Gallery's permanent collection paintings, when placed, create both visual and sound feedback that corresponds to the ‘health’ of the environment. The game features the ability to easily download a snapshot to easily share with others and is also able to generates a link that leads others to your specific map. 

Year: 2023

Client: National Gallery Singapore

Director: Davier Yoon

Producer: Natalie Ong

Lead Artist: Ho Yi Dan

Developers: Ho Yi Dan, Akmal Yassin

Concept and Copy: Grace Ho

UI Design: Christy Stephanie Halim

2D Asset Creation: Christy Stephanie Halim, Livia Finn

2D Animation: Rex Wong

Music: Zahin Anwari

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