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In Between Shades

Interactive Installation,

built with Touchdesigner, Leap Motion controller and Arduino

In Between Shades is an interactive sculpture that confronts us with the significant decline of coral reefs due to the impact of climate change. Using imaginative forms of a coral, together with digital visuals lit from below, it evokes a pale, unhealthy reef that has undergone coral bleaching - a process where corals lose their vibrant colors; yet hints at a state of restlessness, a resilience to get better. It reflects the hope we still have in relation to the current state of our climate crisis - at risk, but still reversible. 

By hovering your hand on the sensor in front of the artwork, you can revive the corals momentarily. This symbolic act shows how corals can recover from the bleaching process with human intervention and highlights the importance of individual action in safeguarding our ocean's delicate ecosystems.

The sculpture through the use of industrial materials also challenges complacency with man-made environments amidst Singapore's urbanity. It prompts reflection on our acceptance of artificial landscapes and questions our tolerance for genuine environmental crises, encouraging contemplation about societal acceptance roots.

Awarded Honorable Mention at #CreateCOP28

presented by Art Partner and Earth Partner

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